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Devandran Karunakaran

Lawyer - Ship Finance

Karunakaran has fond memories of the varied backgrounds and ethnicities of the students he met and befriended while attending Leicester University. Many of those close friendships he formed still last to this day. For example, his university housemate was the best man at Karunakaran's wedding to his wife. During his time at university, Mr. Karunakaran was an active member of the rugby team, where he competed at the university level. Upon completing his post-graduate studies, Devandran moved to London to commence his legal career and secured a training contract position with a well-known UK headquartered international law firm. Devandran Karunakaran is an ambitious young man who was lucky enough to quickly secure a training contract with a renowned UK law firm. This opportunity was too good for him to pass up, so he moved to London instead of returning to Singapore after graduation. He is determined to make the most of this opportunity and qualify as a UK solicitor. The UK trainee solicitor market is extremely competitive, but Devandran is confident that his hard work and determination will help him succeed.